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Needed: Old Plans for a new table.

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  • Needed: Old Plans for a new table.

    Howdy all!
    Our team started in 2013 with Natures Fury and built our table. The following year we expanded and had built a second matching table and all was good. These were built from the old plans that did NOT use sawhorses. We even put lids on them so our mission builds would not be touched between competitions.
    We had to move buildings and one of our tables was lost and so we must build a new matching table from the old plans. I am unable to find a copy of those plans anywhere. I have called FIRST already. The only plans I can find are for foam tables or the table tops that sit on plywood.
    Can anyone help me?
    Thank you,

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    You can get the documents for previous years' challenges on the FIRST web site. If the table plans you used were in the challenge docs for Nature's Fury you should be able to find them.
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      is this what you are looking for?

      It's built with plywood but you can modify it to suit your needs