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EV3 steer/tank function block is running one wheel only

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  • EV3 steer/tank function block is running one wheel only

    Hi, I need advice on the following issue:

    1. Two motors are connected to port B and C.
    2. I can use IR controller to run the two motor simultaneously.
    3. when I use the program function block, STEER/TANK, only one motor is running, the other one ran for half second and then stopped. The robot ended up running in circle.
    4. when I use the EV3 programmer app to control the EVRSTORM, same issue as item 3, only one motor was running.

    Does anyone have the same issue before? Any advice is appreciated.


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    Check the wires. Move Steer and Move Tank try to synchronize the speeds of the two motors. If one motor isn't connected the connected motor will turn for a short period of time and stop, waiting for the unconnected motor to catch up. Look at the Port View and turn the motors by hand. If the rotation feedback for one of the motors doesn't change it means the wire is broken or the motor is broken. A motor or wire can be broken in such a way that it will turn when power is supplied, but there's no rotation sensor feedback.

    If one of the motors doesn't appear in port view it probably means the wire is not connected, but it could also be a problem with the EV3 identifying the motor at power up. My robot has a hard time seeing the NXT motor I have plugged into port D. Sometimes when I turn on the robot the EV3 brick thinks my 4 motor robot only has 3 motors. When that happens I unplug the motor wire and plug it back in. That usually fixes the problem.

    And don't forget to check the ports for the Steer/Tank block. If you are using B and C, the ports for the steer or tank block better be B and C.
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