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EV3 Regchargeable battery vs normal AA batteries.

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  • EV3 Regchargeable battery vs normal AA batteries.

    Here in the forums, and in other documentation, I've seen that the EV3 rechargeable battery wont achieve the same motor speeds as would be seen with AAA batteries.
    Some of those topics are covered in this thread:

    The EV3 clearly has a detector in it for knowing if the EV3 rechargeable battery is installed. Does anyone know if THAT is limiting the power output, or the battery itself? If one were to shave off the little bump on the rechargeable battery would the EV3 think it has AAA batteries in it and go faster? I suppose this could also be tested by keeping the battery pack outside of the robot and attaching wires from the battery to the robot's battery connections.

    Anyone care to try it?