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EV3 Software can't load: Encountered an Unexpected error message

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  • EV3 Software can't load: Encountered an Unexpected error message

    Hi all,

    I am not able to open EV3 software on my laptop. It is windows.
    Attached is the message.

    I also updated Microsoft Silverlight, but still same message.
    Very frustrating considering we only have 1 week to competition.

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    Have you tried re-installing the EV3 software?

    Do you have another laptop that you can install the EV3 software on to, then transfer your programs there to work on them?


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      Is there anything in the crash file? Have you contacted LEGO? When Windows 10 installed itself on my desktop in the middle of the night the EV3 program started crashing. Re-installing the software over the old did not fix the problem, but a fresh install did. Is the start of this error coincident with updating Silverlight?

      Does this error pop up when the application is starting or some other time?


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        I have the same error.
        Running on Windows 10, the software ran OK for the weeks or so, and one day in the middle of working it stopped with the same error.
        I get it when the program loads.
        Tried uninstall and install. Removed and re-installed Silverlight.
        Nothing helps.
        Any ideas?


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          Can you load any programs? Can you load programs from another laptop?

          Back in the early days of NXT we occasionally ran into a problem that required a fresh install and brick reset.