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EV3 software won't open the project

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  • EV3 software won't open the project

    I am a rookie coach and we have 1 week until competition. We went to open the EV3 software today and it updated overnight. Now it will open an empty project I did in a training class but just won't open the project that has all the work the kids did. It looks like the program is there with a save date and size but it just doesn't open, no error message. We restarted the computer but still won't open. We (really sadly) have this on an older laptop which isn't backed-up. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Do you have another laptop that has the EV3 software, but didn't get updated? You can move the project file there and hopefully you should be able to open and edit it. I'm not sure why updating the EV3 software would cause your project file to not open though.


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      When you say that it updated overnight, to what are you referring? Are you using Windows or another OS?


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        Updating overnight is confusing. LEGO software does not have an automatic update. Did somebody (overzealous IT person) install new software, or was it some other software (Operating system) that got updated? When Windows 10 installed itself on my desktop system I couldn't run the EV3 software until I did a clean install. Re-installing over the existing software didn't work.

        I also had a problem a few years back when one of the teams I was working with had a newer version of the software than I did. I couldn't open their projects on my laptop because their programs contained blocks that I didn't have in my software. They used the new inline comment block and my version of the software didn't have that. I don't think your software was rolled back to 2015, but there would be problems if someone installed home version software and you are using ultrasonic or gyro sensor blocks.

        Sorry I don't have anything definitive.