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  • Dean Hystad
    I think single sensor line followers work better than two (or more) sensor line followers, so you can start improving performance by using only one of the sensors.

    A proportional line follower usually results in smoother line following, and smoother line following is almost always faster line following. There are lots of resources online that discuss how make a proportional line follower.

    If you want to stay with two sensors you can still do proportional line following. A super simple algorithm is Motor Power = Light Intensity. The left motor gets motor power from the left light sensor and the right motor from the right sensor. This is how line following was done before digital computers became available. You can also use the two sensor readings and a little math to make what looks like a single wider sensor suitable for proportional line following. Builderdude has some videos on multi-sensor line following.

    Asking for full programs is not going to help you. The more work you do the better the results and the more you will learn.

    "please help" is not a good subject line. I thought you had fallen and couldn't get up. Compose a subject line that is related to your question, fast line following. And try to post under a related topic. Line following is more a programming question than an equipment question. Using a good subject line and posting in the right place will get more and better responses. Searching under programming you would have found several threads about line following and you would already be testing your line following algorithms.
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  • mathlomaniac
    started a topic please help

    please help

    help me with a fastest and most accurate program for line following with two light sensor(ev3)!

    the line follower include, follow black line, go straight if both sensors detect white, go straight if both detect black. i just want different algorithms(if you wanna give full program i am happy ).
    more than 1 different algorithms are accepted.
    the one who answers will receive a thanks from me