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Newbie: I am purchasing an EV3. Should I buy new or used

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  • Newbie: I am purchasing an EV3. Should I buy new or used

    I am new to FLL and am purchasing an EV3 for my son who is on a team. The team has an EV3 kit but I would like my son to get some experience at home so I would like to purchase him a kit.
    I am having trouble understanding if there are differences between the EV3's depending on how old they are?
    Is the brick the same 6 years ago as it is today?
    Are the sensors the same 6 years ago as they are today?
    I would like to purchase used to save money but not at the expense of having issues.

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    These are great questions to ask before spending a lot of money.
    One additional thing to consider is how much time your student will be involved in FLL. Are they an 8th grader that may be done in a year or younger and may be in the program for a few years.
    Lego is releasing a new system with the Lego Spike Prime. The EV3 brain, motors, electronics, cables and sensors will not work with the new system.

    Is the team going to continue with the EV3 or switch to the Spike Prime?

    The EV3 will still be sold and can be used in FLL but, it may soon be an end of life product as Lego tries to move people to the Spike Prime.
    As far as your questions, the EV3 is the same now as in the past and the motors and sensors all work together. It is an EV3 system and all the parts designed for the system work with all EV3 brains. I would not consider paying too much for an EV3 used kit as the Spike Prime is being released and old kits are becoming available.

    We run a school club with up to 45 or so kids and have a lot of EV3 kits and plan to switch over as soon as the initial bugs are worked out of the Spike Prime. I expect that we will likely purchase the school packs and then sell all of our EV3 summer 2020. So, there may be others in the same situation and I expect the price of the used EV3 to be pretty low. I think the used brains run about $100-125 now and the used full kits run about $200. I expect that it will be half of that as soon as Spike Prime is ready for prime time. This is all clearly guess work and others will have a different opinion on going with a new product and the market for the used equipment. It's just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions. Good Luck.
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      Just my opinion, but I foresee sticking with EV3. For one, Spike Prime doesn't even have a screen. It doesn't feel like a replacement for EV3, more like a different path.


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        Another consideration is, what laptop do you have? If it's a Mac, don't update it to the upcoming new Mac operating system Catalina. Lego has said that the EV3 software won't run on Catalina. If you're using Windows then this obviously doesn't apply.

        And I agree with Korey, Spike Prime is not really a replacement for EV3 best I can tell. EV3 will continue to be used in FLL for probably many years to come.