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Newbie question: some input for the second FLL meeting...

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  • Newbie question: some input for the second FLL meeting...

    New to all this, first meeting went well (building the 10 mission components from instructions on the Challenge website).

    For the next meeting I understand the EV3 needs to do the 'Crane Mission Lesson' here: pointing to this sheet: https://firstinspiresst01.blob.core....3-overview.pdf

    But what is robot lesson 1? Can anyone point me to some sort of guide on how this is to be built in the first place? https://firstinspiresst01.blob.core....v3-soluton.pdf

    Or is that the point, the kids have to get to the solution 'somehow' by figuring it all out?

    Any pointers to help out this new person appreciated. Have tried reaching out to the local FLL mailing list (asking to be added to the list three times now) with no success.

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    The robot lessons 1-6 are inside the EV3 Edu software. The 7th Crane Mission lesson is that overview doc and the files can be found on the challenge download page.

    Here are some Crane Mission Tips & Tricks for you. Points you to where to find the files and walls you through the code. I Included links to a Chromebooks version in case it is needed as well.

    Chromebook/Tablet (App Version) Crane Mission Tips & Tricks:

    Full EV3 Software Crane Mission Tips & Tricks:

    App version code file (.ev3m): --> CITY Shaper Resources --> Worksheets --> Crane Mission Tips:
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      Many thanks for this! We're on our way...