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connecting EV3 with Wifi or Bluetooth

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  • connecting EV3 with Wifi or Bluetooth

    i have serval problems to connect the EV3 brick to the Macbook with Bluetooth or Wifi. I never get Wifi running. Bluetooth will works sometimes, and sometimes it can't connect to the brick:
    I followed the instruction from lego you find here:
    The windows mentioned in Step 3 doesn't appear, but it works and we can code. If we try one day later to connect again, we stop at step 4. I have no idea what's wrong. Do you have any hints how to fix this problem? Or to get the wifi-connection running (is there a special wifi-stick recommended)? Any connection without cable will be helpful.
    Thank you.

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    Sometimes I need to turn BT off and back on again on the brick (step 2, except first you click in the box to remove the check box and again to turn BT back on).


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      Thanks, but i tried this. Even i tried to reboot the EV3, reboot the mac and turn on and off the BT device on mac. All without success.


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        This is a recurring problem over the long term. Lego engineers should be embarrassed at this point about the parent, coaching and student hours - not to speak of support tech hours - they have wasted by not programming at least a better bluetooth experience if not wifi as well. Even the instructions on the Lego website are wrong. After a LOT of back and forth, Lego support walked me through, and then sent me, the following routine for getting the bluetooth connection. I have pasted it below with some of my commentary added:

        Connecting Via Bluetooth to a Mac Computer
        First comment is, why is an 11 step instruction needed? On the WeDo 2.0 set, bluetooth works like a charm, as it should.

        >If you are having issues connecting, the first step would be to remove the EV3 brick from your Mac computer's Bluetooth preferences screen - NOT the EV3 software.

        >Once the name of the brick has been removed complete a firmware update.
        This frequent use of a firmware update as part of a solution to a problem - independent of whether the brick firmware is actually up to date - is a crude solution to fundamental engineering errors that there is no excuse for leaving uncorrected.

        >Once the update is complete you will want to change your EV3 brick's name to something completely different(even if that means just adding an extra letter at the end).

        >With a new name, go to Bluetooth settings and make sure that you add check marks only to Visibility and Bluetooth.

        >Now you will go back to your Mac computer and the Bluetooth preferences screen.
        Back and forth between the Lego ap and Mac Bluetooth preferences.

        >When you see your Brick's new name, connect to it and click pair.

        >Go to your EV3 brick and accept the connection request, and then change the password from '1234' TO '0000'. This may be the Mac computer's default connection password.
        How hard would it be for the engineer to just make that 0000 the default instead of 1234? This is quite time consuming and a source of a "time out" kind of discontinuity in the pairing process. And it's something you have to do repeatedly if your child/student cares about the name (which many do) and you must change it from time to time.

        >On your Mac you will type in or accept the '0000' password there as well.
        *NOTE - you will see in your Bluetooth preferences on the Mac that it will be connected, and then not connected. This is a good sign as you will need to finish the connection inside of the EV3 software.*
        Really? Yes. But counterintuitive.

        >Now open your EV3 software and open a new or existing project. In the lower right side of the screen you will see the available bricks tab.
        Back to the Lego ap.

        >Click on the refresh symbol in that box and search for your EV3 brick. This can take a few seconds.

        >When you see the name of your EV3 brick you will click in the empty square just below the Bluetooth Symbol. This will finalize the connection and you can start programming your EV3 brick via Bluetooth!
        Or not. Once you get in the groove, the Bluetooth connection works easily every time but it's not easy to get in the groove!


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          Thank you. The solution was to update the current firmware again and use password 0000. Now it seems to work without problems.


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            We have also had many problems with bluetooth, usually when there are several students using different computers trying to download to one robot. We have given up on this and use the download cord. Wifi requires a dongle that you have to buy, not even sure they sell it anymore by netgear a wireless N150 usb adapter. It works very well, but I have never tried it with more than one computer.


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              Luckily, the current firmware works on more than one wireless adapter. The Edimax EW-7811Un adapter (The N150-Nano version) is currently $9.99 on Amazon, and fits into LEGO build much nicer than the Netgear one. (I have three; used between an old laptop without a wireless adapter, EV3s and Raspberry Pis)
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