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    At our tournament this weekend, we ran the board without practicing first, and the robot went way too fast. After the match, we tested it with our backup robot, and it was clearly going top speed for everything. I was at a loss, so just told the kids to try restarting and that fixed it. Any idea what happened?

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    You had two robots that demonstrated the same behavior? That has to be a programming issue. I can think of a few ways this could happen, but it requires controlling the robot in unusual ways that I've never seen used by an FLL team. If you want I could take a look at your programs.


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      Originally posted by Dean Hystad View Post
      You had two robots that demonstrated the same behavior?

      no, it was only one robot. Both robots had the same program, I watch them download it myself the night before. We always take a robot we intend to use, and a backup robot. The first robot was going at top speed for every program. The backup robot was not. When we restarted the first robot, it resolved the issue. I told the kids they had Gremlins in their program. But I really would like to know how that happened.


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        We had a different sort of "ghost" event at competition that I mention in case it could be related. The night before competition, the team changed a myblock gyro turn that was originally 90 degrees to 70 degrees for their fourth mission. They made the change, hit play on the Mission 4 program from the computer via wifi, and tested the mission three times. Everything worked as expected. They did not, however, re-download the complete program to the robot.

        The first run at state, after completing all other gyro turns correctly, that Mission 4 turn was way too shallow (closer to 45 degrees instead of 70). Fortunately, as it was the last turn of the last mission, it didn't cause significant problems. The team chalked it up to a gremlin, but on the second run, the robot did the same shallow turn.

        I told the team to check their code for a typo, but the angle was correct (70 degrees). They ran just that myblock and the robot turned the correct 70 degrees. Ultimately, the team decided to download a fresh copy of the whole program. On the third run, the turn worked perfectly. Lacking a better explanation, the team added "install a clean copy of the program" to their pre-event checklist.


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          we've seen such behavior with broken cable/port - try another wire or brick (it helped in our case)
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