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  • NXT Programming Help for Beginner Coach

    Hello Everyone. I am the Coach for the Nebulas (Team 43963) this season and would like to ask if anyone knows of any really good (and non-technical) programming tutorials for the NXT?
    We started a bit later than others and while I have a few kids that are returning to the team from last season - I have noticed that they prefer to use just the simple move blocks to get the robot around on the Mission mat. While this is acceptable , I would like to know of other ways that I can encourage them to try other things like sensors, loops, and switches. I do not have a background in programming myself so I am learning these things on the fly with the team members and it has proven to have a bit of a learning curve. Any help with getting my team to understand what each sensor does and how to apply it to navigating on the field would be appreciated!

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    Most FLL teams have switched to the EV3, but you can still find some NXT programming tutorials online, such as the one listed below:

    This site has a wealth of information and sample programs for building with the NXT, and some programming information:

    Many of the users of this forum also have NXT experience, so don't hesitate to post questions. However, I recommend you post questions in the FLL section of the forum instead of the FRC section.
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      Also note that the newer EV3 software can program the NXT, with some caveats, mostly to do with the light sensor being odd (this is different than the color sensor, which has more LEDs and works as expected).
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        Thank you both so much! I plan to share the links with my team members to give them an idea of what the sensors can do to help us with navigation. I'm so sorry for posting in the FRC section. I must not have realized it was not in the FLL section. Again , I appreciate the help. We have our only competition in March and I want my kids to be as prepared as possible.