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How valuable is Spike Prime?

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  • How valuable is Spike Prime?

    I help out with a couple of classroom FLL teams. They are well invested in EV3.
    The Spike Prime Hub has 6 ports vs the 8 on EV3. (though SP all ports are in/out)
    5x5 LED matrix on the Spike Prime vs a screen capable of text on the EV3.
    Scratch and Mindstorms seem to be geared towards a similar starting grade level, though I think Mindstorms might have an edge for the absolute young beginner.
    At least for our school, I have seen no point in moving onto Python, there is a lot more they could have learned in Mindstorms before they move to our FTC team which uses Java.
    Spike Prime has in its favor that it is cheaper and has more Lego attachment points.
    It would be nice if the new technic/blocks would be available without buying Spike Prime.

    I suppose a new team with no parts will be investing in a cheaper new technology, instead of an aging one that might be phased out in a few years will be a major point for choosing Spike Prime.

    So far my research into Spike Prime shows very little if any advantage. What am I missing?

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    Why are you expecting an advantage?

    Prime looks to be aimed at a different demographic than NXT or EV3. Kind of a throwback to RCX with even more focus on play. Half wemo, half MINDSTORMS. I think it looks very capable and should do well against EV3 robots, but I agree it has no obvious advantages


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      Originally posted by EHMentor View Post
      So far my research into Spike Prime shows very little if any advantage. What am I missing?
      I don't think you are missing anything. The SPIKE Prime is aimed at younger kids - those just starting out with robotics. For FIRST LEGO League, it is intended to make the step up from FIRST LEGO League Jr. easier.