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  • EV3 Locked up

    We had a mini-FLL competition last weekend (associated with a STEM fair). My team did really well, but our EV3 locked up during one of the runs. I would say out of our four EV3s that we use all season, I will probably have to perform the "three-finger reset" around half a dozen times. Probably less than that but enough times to notice. Is this just something that will happen from time to time, or should we be looking to get replacements? Unfortunate that it happened during a run, but fortunately it wasn't states!
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    We have not had that problem with three of our bricks, but our fourth (purchased used) would lock up several times over a one month period. Once it would only reset by removing the battery. I tried reloading the software multiple times and tried a new battery. We stopped using it for practice, but recently, as part of my efforts to learn Python, I tried the problem brick. I could not get the Python firmware to load; I tried different SD cards, reflashing the software. Nothing worked. Python loaded with no problem on all the other bricks. Ultimately I decided it was bad, labeled it DNU and am planning to let the team dissect it for fun.
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