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Znap program with iPad

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  • Znap program with iPad

    Using the iPad to program Znap, the app doesn't have all the program blocks to follow the program description. Is there another app you need to download?

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    This is a very confusing question because LEGO did sell a product called Znap about 25 years ago. It was a different kind of brick and a different way of building. There was no Znap programming, no Mindstorms for that matter unless you count Cybermaster.

    But I think yiu are asking about an EV3 robot design named Znap. Doesn't matter because the same answer applies to many EV3robots, the tablet app is missing many blocks and important features. You must eithet load the programming tool on Windows or Mac, or you need to make do with the few blocks available in the tablet/chromebook app.