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New EV3 robot, with crane-like lift arm

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  • New EV3 robot, with crane-like lift arm

    We got mixed results with our robot design this year. It was 4-wheel-drive (hopefully for smoother turning, since the steel ball kept getting hung up on the Animal Allies obstacles on the mat). It had a moveable lift arm on the left side, with the EV3 offset to the right slightly for balance. Unfortunately, turns were neither smooth nor consistent. So we finally came up with a new design.

    "Lefty 3" is our third design with the left-side lift arm, hence the name. This one has two large drive wheels, and two free-pivoting tailwheels in the back, in our ongoing quest for repeatable turning performance. A medium motor in the back raises and lowers the lift arm, and another medium motor on the front of the lift arm itself rotates a horizontal axle that can have a spear for capturing targets with loop handles, or multiple hooks for opening the Animal Allies refrigerator, or a gripper arm or anything else you want to design in.

    It's meant to be versatile enough that it can be used (with only minor mods or additions we hope) for any missions FLL can throw at us in the future. We'd be happy if other teams built their own copy to try out, and even compete with - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Feel free to modify it as needed, we'd like to hear how it goes for you.

    Can I get some of you to look it over and give us your honest opinion of its possible problems, possible good stuff, whatever you think of?

    Brief YouTube Video: - sorry about the wobbly camera work.
    Building Instructions: (also has lots of photos and CAD views)

    Thanx all!

    See it here: Lefty3pic0.jpg

    And a Lego Digital Designer (LDD) file of it attached here:
    Attached Files
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    I realize this reply is late (I just came across this post) but I'm curious. The PDF won't load (says the domain is gone). Can you post that here?
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