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  • Loading the Robot

    Is it permissible to drop an object on the Robot in Base and not have to go through a restart procedure, as long as you do not touch the Robot itself?

    I thought that in former years' rules that was not allowed, but I can't find anything in this year's rules to prohibit it. Or would that be considered "influence" or "help" as used in Rules 12 and 13?

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    Re: Loading the Robot

    If it is, it wouldn't be advised. If you're thinking of the HAND WASH/BACTERIAL mission, I can think of two good reasons not to do this.

    1) You'll want course corrections each time the robot comes back to base. This wouldn't be allowed if the robot were still active.

    2) Presumably this would be done to gain a few split seconds over the time it would take to press the "Run" button. I can pretty much guarantee that with such a narrow time window as to see any benefit in keeping the robot automated, one of the 48 bacterium will miss it's mark and bounce outside of base due to the movement of the active robot where you will not be able to recover it and where you will lose 20 points from the DISINFECT mission.
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      Re: Loading the Robot

      I think even if the robot is subject to the restart procedure, you could still do what you are proposing. Here are the restart rules

      • For the match start and all restarts, EVERY BIT of the robot, including its installed attachments & wires, everything
      touching it, and any objects it is about to move or use, must ALL fit COMPLETELY in Base.
      • The ROBOT MAY be touching objects it is about to move or use.
      • YOU may NOT be touching objects the robot is about to move or use.
      • YOU may NOT be touching objects the robot is touching.
      • Everything must be motionless.
      • All mission models in Base must be able to pass the gravity test.
      As long as the robot is completely in base and motionless, you could drop something on the robot, and then allow it to move again.

      There is no rule that I see that requires the operator to push a button or otherwise operate on the robot for it to "restart".

      For example, our team uses a mission sequencer program to run a single program that sequences the robot through multiple missions, and multiple trips to base. The team members normally push the orange button to tell the robot to go on to the next mission, but it should be allowable to have the robot simply wait a fixed amount of time, and then perform the next action automatically.


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        Re: Loading the Robot

        I agree with the previous points:

        Dropping something on the robot is an influence under Rule 13. (I was searching and that's where I found it too.) Of course, since you'll have to restart anyway, the team might as well just make the robot inactive and then simply load it.

        As timdavid notes, waiting for a timing loop to finish is a fine way to "signal a sensor" to have the robot restart.

        To be ready to restart, the robot has to be motionless, not be touched, and be completely in Base, all at the same time and then until it is signaled to restart.
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