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Can demolition and salvage be done together?

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  • Can demolition and salvage be done together?

    So the question is ...if I push the red lever all materials including salvage fall down and it is possible to scoop them all to safety. Can this be done or should salvage be done first before demolition?

    M09 – Salvage – A building being demolished should[/B]only be a shell of its former self. Many tons of valuable materials and objects can be salvaged first.
    Basic Mission Description: Move the Valuables to Safety.
    Specific physical requirement, visible at the end of the match: Value: 60 The Valuables are completely

    I see the cause of confusion here because of the word should in the first sentence. And word can in the 2nd sentence. Makes is mandatory in the first sentence and optional in the 2nd sentence. Also clarification on “a shell of its former self” is needed.

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    Re: Can demolition and salvage be done together?

    "Visible at the end of the match" indicates that scoring will be based on where the valuables are at the end of the match, not how or when they got there. If you can scoop the building and the valuables to safety in one move, go for it.


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      Re: Can demolition and salvage be done together?

      I agree with Nedcook. Salvage and Demolition can both be done at the same time since their state/location at the end of the match is what matters.


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        Re: Can demolition and salvage be done together?

        The role of 'descriptive text' was discussed briefly in other threads. Like there is a precedence order to: Updates/Missions/Rules/Refs...I think that the mission text itself has a further layer of precedence: The "specific physical requirement" comes first. There may be exception text or additional constraints. But the text describing the mission itself and its connection to the real world, is used last, or rarely if at all (with regards to refs marking a Yes or No). Its primary role is context for the mission, not the scoring conditions.

        If there is any specified order or sequence, it will be more explicitly stated. There is sometimes implied order, meaning there may be benefit or need to choose a certain order, but that is up to the teams to decide if those related facts are relevant to their strategy and missions being attempted. Nothing required. And nothing required for missions to emulate real life.

        So agree with above, as long as no beams/bars are left standing in original position at the time the buzzer sounds - the ref is marking M10 as scored. Facts about red levers and valuables are not part of that decision making process.
        If the valuables are completely in safety, marking M09 as scored. Facts about how/when they got there are not part of that decision making process.

        Rules still apply, so those end-of-match conditions can only exist via legal robot/team actions.
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          Re: Can demolition and salvage be done together?

          Be aware that damage to the Valuables mission model, due to a building being dropped onto it, could bring R15 into play. It could be seen as "easier" to scoop up the valuables from the wreckage rather than retrieve them first.
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