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Question on 9 Rains

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  • Question on 9 Rains

    I notice that 8 rains are placed in the rain cloud. One is in the slingshot while in base. As I read the mission rules, I realize that one of the 8 from the cloud goes to the water target, one goes to the flower. Also, only one rain needs to fall from the cloud to get the points for cloud mission. That leaves with 7 rains drops. What do you see is the need for the rest? Is it worth bringing them to the base? Do you see a potential use of those to gain additional points?

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    It depends on how the word guide is interpreted but you may be able to use them to stack the big water
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      Depending on your team's game strategy, it also might be helpful just to get the small rains out of the way so that they don't impede the robot on subsequent runs.
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        I didn't find any point in the rules that prohibits you to take the rain from the slingshot and put it in the water target or the flower


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          Carefully consider the impact of taking the Rain out of the Slingshot while it is in Base. Some referees might consider that disassembling a Mission Model. The Field Setup instructions clearly say that the Rain must be in the Slingshot before the match. So the issue turns to whether Rain and Slingshot are indeed one Mission Model.

          Whether they are or are not one model is not the point of my post. I'm saying it could be a debatable issue.

          The point is: If a team is using this strategy, it would be wise to be prepared with a good justification for it based on the rules, should you need to discuss it with the referee.
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            Perhaps they meant it so you could drop multiple into water collection if you just want to try to increase your chances of at least one scoring?