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Use of four large motors in our Robot permitted?

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  • Use of four large motors in our Robot permitted?

    Per my understanding, the guide says we can use upto four motors, any kind is good.
    Can somebody please confirm whether there is any mention anywhere regarding any limit on the use of large motors?
    Can I use four large motors?


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    Yes, you can use any combination including four large.


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      R03 says you can have more than one of each type, and only says the max is 4. The detail of "can 'more than one' be equal to 4?" isn't addressed in the rules, so you can fall back to common usage (see GP2). "1 < 4 =< 4" is true, so it's OK to have 4 of any one type of motor pictured in R03.

      If you'd like further assurance, search for "large" in your rules pdf. You'll find the word only appears 6 places in the doc, and the only place it shows up in the robot game section is the caption of the pic in R03. So there's no limit hidden in some other rule.

      For the record, if this comes off as snarky I apologize; that's not my intent. I wanted to show you the process I go through when looking at questions like this. It's something that I try and teach my team.
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