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Pump Addition Mission

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  • Pump Addition Mission

    For M03, Pump Addition, does the added pump need to be completely within the black rectangle and connected to the main pump in order to recieve the points?

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    M03 - Pump Addition says nothing about "connected", so "connected" doesn't matter. The description doesn't say what part of the pump addition has to be in contact with the mat, so you can score with the model upside down. The only things that matter are:

    The pump addition has to be in contact with the mat (does not say which part)
    The contact is completely in the pump addition target (only the parts contacting the mat have to be in the target area).

    Do not add restrictions that make the mission harder just because they "make sense". Do what the rules say.


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      "Move the Pump Addition so it has contact with the mat and that contact is completely in the Pump Addition target." The mission doesn't mention the Pump System, it's irrelevant. You could place the Pump Addition upside down in the target if you preferred.