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  • Stickers?

    I was talking with someone recently, explaining that virtually all Lego building parts can be used, with a few exceptions. I mentioned stickers, because I am positive I had seen that one before. But then I went to the rules and see no mention of stickers. Indeed R01 states:

    R01 - ALL EQUIPMENT All Equipment must be made of LEGO-made building parts in original factory condition.
    Except: LEGO string and tubing may be cut shorter.
    Except: Program reminders on paper are OK (off the Field).
    Except: Marker may be used in hidden areas for identification.

    So, are lego stickers "building parts"? Not to matter because I won't allow my team to use them (Although I have to give credit to the first team that tried strategically using them, probably prompting the rule in the first place). But I especially want to know if it was my imagination or did such a rule exist?
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    The rule about stickers (World Class or prior) was that stickers were not allowed except LEGO stickers, applied per LEGO instructions. I don't think anyone is going to ban NXT robots that have NXT stickers applied per LEGO instructions, but the new equipment rule could be interpreted as saying that stickers must remain on the sticker sheet, their "original factory condition".

    When the sticker rule came into being we thought it may have to do with some team trying to use stickers like packing tape. Some teams tried to build RCX robots like you would build a LEGO house, all snap type connections. With only friction holding things together it wasn't long until the motors fell off. Later I heard from a credible source that the reason for the sticker and markings rules is its easier to create advertising materials if FLL robots are blemish free.
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      Our team has used stickers before on the robot as decoration multiple times at tournaments including the World Festival, even prior to the rule change (and these were the big stickers the Lego Mindstorms team hands out). Nobody's ever batted an eye at them. If your team wants to use them as decoration, they'll be fine.
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        I'd say a sticker is not a "building part", but rather a "decorative part". I might not allow it if there seemed to be any structural purpose.
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