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Missions fragile this year?

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  • Missions fragile this year?

    Do the mission items seem more fragile than last year? Specifically, the satellites fall apart at a touch. I can see them slowly disintegrate as pieces get lost over the course of the Robot competition.
    Also, almost everything along the north side lifts the mat when pushed (M01, M02, M08).

    . . . and the lander splits in two if you breath on it. What a piece of junk

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    This year some models are fragile, last year some were heavy - every year the challenges are different. At least the mechanics of the models seem pretty durable this season.

    If teams are delivering the satellites it will be important to check them carefully before each match starts to make sure they are constructed correctly. At the tournaments we've attended they have extra copies of mission models standing by if needed, but I'm sure those setting up the fields will become very familiar with rebuilding the satellites.

    The fragile lander is obviously by design. That and the requirement that it be touching the mat make M15 much more challenging. I'm enjoying listening to my team discuss how to accomplish it.

    Problems with the mat lifting do seem to be more than the past couple seasons. There just aren't many easy missions on this field.