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M08 - Aerobic Exercise - binding?

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  • M08 - Aerobic Exercise - binding?

    Has anyone noticed that the black lever arms connected to the orange handlebars tend to get stuck, binding the handlebars and not allowing them to move?

    - The black arms hanging from the orange handlebars are supposed to move West, rotating the 4-dumbbell gear.
    - The black counterweight is supposed to pull the black arm up.
    - The black arm can swing further East, into a fully upright position.
    - When this happens, pushing down on the orange handlebar just tends to push the black arm straight down, or even Eastward, and binds the mechanism.
    - This seems to be because there is much slop in the system being connected by tan and grey pins.

    Also, even if they don't bind, the black dumbbell gears tend to bind on their own, locking up the system.

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    Yes, I have noticed. I think that's part of the challenge, to make it tolerant to these kind of variations. Good luck!


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      I've looked at a set of models now - I agree, that's part of the challenge.
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