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Allowed to put sensors on attachments?

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  • Allowed to put sensors on attachments?

    The rules make it pretty clear that you are allowed to and/remove attachments in base. Are you permitted to have sensors as permanent parts of attachments? (That is, while the robot is in base remove an attachment and any dedicated sensors and replace them with a new attachments with different sensors?) The rules say you may have "unlimited sensors", but only 4 motors. (If you wanted, could you put 1 of the 4 motors on one attachment and and another 1 of 4 motors on a send attachment while reserving the last two motors for driving?)
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    The answer to all of your questions is indeed "Yes". The rules don't really make any distinctions regarding attachments or base robots. Attachments are considered part of the robot once it is in contact on the robot. If your team wants to put one of their four motors on an attachment, that's no different that putting it on your base robot, as far as the rules are concerned. But remember, under no circumstances will your team be able to bring more than four motors to the competition table. That includes motors on the base robot, attachments, loose motors, motors in your pockets, backup motors, small motors, big motors, whatever. Four motors total. They can be wired to the EV3 at the start of the match or not. Completely up to the team.

    Sensors are another issue. Yes, you can have as many sensors as you want (make sure you are using the approved sensors as illustrated in the rules). Again, it doesn't matter if they are connected to the EV3 at the start of the match or not.
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      The rules say you may have "unlimited sensors", but only 4 motors.
      You have answered your own question.
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