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Robot self-alignment allowed during prep time?

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    Originally posted by Dean Hystad View Post
    Another good question. I have a big attachment and while I am connecting it to the robot part of the attachment sticks out of base. Does this break rule 10? If not, is the reason because extending out of base was accidental or does it have to do with the attachment still being in storage? I know I can't have a jig or guide that extends out of base, even if it is removed before launch, but where is the line between accidental and not accidental? If it is intentional it is obviously not accidental. If I depend on the robot extending out of base until I do something to make it fit inside the base that probably breaks R10, but what happens? It isn't an interrupt, so I don't get a penalty. I can't launch the robot, but I was planning on performing additional tasks before the robot was ready for launch. Does the referee somehow disallow my temporary use of space outside the base? Am I forced to move the robot off the table, into storage, to do all my assembly and prep? How do things change if the extension out of base is not deliberate, but not really an accident either. My robot has an arm that it extends after launch. The mission fails and I interrupt the robot. This incurs a penalty, but does the long arm extending out of base break R10?

    I'm not a ref, and I don't watch many matches, but I talk to a lot of teams and I've never heard of a team having a problem if part of their robot extends outside of base while they are preparing for launch. I've seen some really big robots that get a bit messy, but those teams tell me the refs don't care as long as everything gets tucked in neatly before launch
    Let's say a team has built an attachment that is so big that it can't be attached to the robot without going outside of Base. I would say that would not be "accidental", and R10 would not allow it.

    In your example of a robot extending an arm & then the kids interrupt it. This wouldn't have anything to do with R10; the robot is allowed to function outside of base, so this is only a R14 issue.

    Having said that, as a ref I would not have a problem with a team causing an attachment to go temporarily outside of Base while attaching some equipment to the robot. I'd probably talk to them afterwards about considering R10 while they're designing attachments in the future. Where I would have a problem is when a team takes off an attachment & deliberately puts it outside of base in order to handle something else. Hopefully we'd catch that in their practice match.

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      Originally posted by someonewhobikes View Post

      Hopefully we'd catch that in their practice match.
      If your tournament provides practice matches...
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