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Temporarily putting attachment outside of the base?

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  • Temporarily putting attachment outside of the base?

    Hi All,
    I have seen on youtube some teams detach their attachments and put them on field (usually partly in the base). Later on they pick them up and put them aside outside of the table. Is this allowed without penalty?

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    Good question. In my experience, referees are usually OK with teams moving things such as attachments temporarily out of base and onto the field, as long as there is no strategic advantage to doing so, and nothing interacts with the mission models on the field. However, a close reading of the official rules seems to prohibit this behavior:

    - You are not allowed to interact with any part of the Field that's not COMPLETELY in Base.
    Except: You may Interrupt the Robot any time.
    Except: You may pick up Equipment that BROKE off the Robot UNINTENTIONALLY, anywhere, any time.
    - You are not allowed to cause anything to move or extend over the Base line, even partly.
    Except: Of course, you may LAUNCH the Robot.
    Except: You may move/handle/STORE things off the Field, any time.
    Except: If something accidentally crosses the Base line, just calmly take it back - no problem.

    In general, I believe teams are encouraged to move attachments they are not using entirely off the field, preferably to a small table, cart, or box positioned next to the table.


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      No, R10 states that items may not be stored on the Field outside of Base. Base and off-table Storage are the only allowed places.

      There is no "penalty" other than the time it takes for the ref to interrupt your routine and have you pull it back into Base.

      This a rule change in recent years (Animal Allies I believe), so plenty of teams in the past would use much of the field for non-strategic storage and swapping/staging of attachments.


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        Thanks. I saw in most videos the Ref didn't interrupt the team, but rather just let them continue removing the attachments from outside of the base to storage.


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          I agree with dna1990. But I also believe there is a lot of variation in how strictly the referees enforce the Storage rules for temporarily placing an object on the Field outside of Base.

          Relying on a referee to lenient is not a safe strategy.

          Be aware that the rules have changed over time, so what you see in a video may not apply to the current rules.
          FIRST LEGO League Mentor and Referee/Head Referee since 2011.


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            I used to think 99% of all videos were wrong. Now I just think that 99% of the time we misinterpret what it a video is meant to convey. Unless a video is labeled "Storage rules for 2018 FLL Challenge" I would not infer anything from what a team does with attachments and equipment that aren't being used in the current mission.