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  • Is it in Space: The Bricks Awaken

    My team thought of possibly finding problems with colonizing Mars, we wanted to know I that would be considered 'in space.'

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    The Challenge states "....problem faced during long duration space exploration within our Sun's solar system..."

    The Glossary specifically defines "solar system" as: For the INTO ORBIT Challenge: The area of outer space, including all the bodies contained in it..."

    It further defines "outer space" as "the area that exists between Earth and other bodies in the universe" starting 63 miles from earth.

    Therefore, Mars is considered within the "Solar System" and is considered "in space."


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      The Challenge Guide provides a broad range of examples of problems to consider. On pages 5-8 it talks about:
      "What are some of the challenges humans will face as we make plans to travel to and explore Mars?"
      "What power and life support systems are being planned for future spacecraft and human habitats on other planets?"
      The key point to remember is that the team must "identify a human physical or social problem faced during long duration space exploration..."
      As long as your team looks at it from the perspective of a human physical or social problem, you will likely be within the Challenge guidelines.
      Have the team study the Challenge Guide and be able to explain to the judges how they fit within the problem description and limitations set forth in the Challenge Guide and they should do well.
      Good Luck.

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        I realize that this a bit late to ask, but does orbiting the earth (like ISS), qualifies as "space travel"? Using their definition of 63+ miles above the earth, it should be.

        During my team's project selection, they interpreted that objects/ship orbiting earth objects didn't qualify and went strictly for outer space travel problems.
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          Yes, human space travel in Low Earth Orbit will qualify. Such as the ISS.
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