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    This is my second season coaching a FLL team. We have 10 kids on our team. Half of which have never done FLL, the other 5 have only experienced one year. That being said the challenge is always the hardest part for me. They have spent so much time researching different problems and aspects of space. They unanimously voted to research space-suits, focusing on the suits used in space walks. My question is: Does this fit within the parameters of the challenge. I'm leaning toward yes because the astronauts will have to space-walk to take care of the space craft being gone for 3 years. Any thoughts? Or should I have them pick a different topic? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I'm not an official judge or anything, but I would say 100 percent that this is a suitable topic for your team this year. Just challenge them to think of a specific problem with the space suit and then challenge them to think of a possible solution to that problem.
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      I agree with Skip. Make sure the kids have identified a definite problem with space suits, as well as come up with a solution to the problem, like he says. Have the kids study the project rubrics so they know what the judges are looking for.