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Deadwood members on the team. Is it better to kick them off?

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  • Deadwood members on the team. Is it better to kick them off?

    We have a couple team kids who are not contributing and may not really be able to satisfactorily answer questions during Core Values questioning. They also have a very limited appearance in our project (we are doing a skit)

    We are conflicted between

    1. Make an excuse to the judges that they were on vacation for a good 2 weeks making their contributions limited mostly to missions only.

    2. Booting them off the team now and going in with a 4 member team instead of 6 as originally planned.


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    I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd respond anyway. While I'm a little uncomfortable with the language and tone of your post, I'll do my best to respond. If you didn't approve of the level of commitment from two teammates, I'd just roll this into a learning experience for next season when forming your team. Set out from the beginning what the time expectations are and the consequences of not meeting them (ie dropped from the team). You can make it a Core Values exercise by having the kids themselves draft the contract outlining the minimum expectation. What isn't fair is to institute a standard midway through the season with a harsh punishment like getting kicked off the team or singling them out in front of judges. The latter, by the way, will reflect poorly on your entire team.

    If you've already had competition, make sure to meet at least once more to review as a team what went right, what could have been better, and what you'd change next time. I think it would be a good time to gently suggest that lack of presence by some team members made the season difficult. Let the team decide what potential solutions could be.

    Ultimately, IMO FLL isn't about competition performance as much as about mastering the Core Values and skills to improve each year. Use this unfortunate occurrence as a learning experience for you all.


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      This was a double (triple?) post. Most responses are here:

      I have to wonder what other than a lie constitutes an unsatisfactory answer in Core Values?
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