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    Hello, Our team won 1st place champions award at provincials for the first time ever and are competing at the WF Houston. We have a large prototype for our solution (5 feet long 18 inches wide) and are wondering if there is a way to transport large prototypes long distances.

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    Driving or flying? Can it be taken apart at all? Does it have any materials that could be considered hazardous? How fragile is it?

    I suspect that you probably want to keep the details of the project a secret, and that's understandable. But without any details, the answer is really no different than anything that you have probably already thought of.

    By the CONGRATULATIONS for advancing to WF! Well done!
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      I just popped in the dimensions for shipping using Fed Ex and its about 300 USD for me to ship a box that big from Minnesota. I'm sure you can find cheaper rates, but that is a rough ballpark figure. Then you have to store it and transport it around Houston. Can you rework the presentation to not use the physical prototype? The year my girls went to the US Open they completely reworked the project presentation so we didn't have to carry or ship anything. It turned out better than the presentation they gave at the state tournament and they even won an award.


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        If you can drive to the event, you might be able to manage. Otherwise, I know several FLL teams who have found an FRC team that has a truck/crate heading to Champs and ask the FRC team to transport materials for them.
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