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    The engineering notebooks contain four

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    Sorry, most of the text disappeared from my original post.

    The engineering notebook contain four "Project Sparks" with pre-planned meeting sessions. We started meeting last week, but only now received the notebooks. I was wondering if anyone has been using the meeting sessions in general, and in particular the project sparks. If so, how is that going? Is it useful? We are trying to decide if we should use the pre-planned meeting sessions. Any feedback or thoughts from other coaches, mentors, or students?

    Does anyone think that not using the engineering notebooks will reflect poorly for teams being judged at competitions?


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      My team is in its ninth season and consists of home schoolers, so we have a lot of history passed down from brothers and sisters. My co-coach and I reviewed the team meeting guide and notebooks. We determined that using them would be a total waste of time because of our knowledge base, the way our team works and the classroom type setting it implies. (Some of my kids are home schooled because of behavioral issues and getting them to sit for 30 minutes is a challenge.) We will, however, be doing a team engineering notebook as we have done in the past since it helps keep things organized and helps in preparing for the technical judging. The rubrics do not mention anything about the things in the meeting guide or engineering notebooks so I expect that not using them will have no impact on judging. We do plan to mention the 4 project sparks as examples of projects to start brain-storming about our project.


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        I wish the engineering notebooks that came with the kit were easy to use. Kids usually love tools like that to record their thought process in their own way with pictures. But they don't seem very intuitive, they are rather confusing. We may have to create our own as well.
        I'm not seeing anywhere that these engineering notebooks are required for judging. Did anyone find a place where it states they are needed?


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          Engineering notebooks (whether the ones from FLL or a team-created one) are a good idea to help get your kids prepared for judging presentations, but are not a requirement. This is according to the head of FLL for Ohio in a judges training meeting I attended.