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Thoughts on testing the City Shaper research project

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  • Thoughts on testing the City Shaper research project

    If our team is looking at a local building for our research project, do you think a model of the building that incorporates our ideas will be an appropriate tool for testing and to present to the judges?

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    You don't give much detail, but absolutely! Anything that makes your problem and solution more clear to the volunteer judges should be considered. That being said, making a model of the building may not be the BEST way of making your points. Or while it may indeed be the best way, it may be more trouble than it is worth. Perhaps a simple drawing would suffice. Remember, it is very likely that the volunteer judges will not be experts in your field of study. They may not even be very familiar with the field of study. It is best to practice your presentation in front of average adults that maybe only have a very basic knowledge of your field of study. Find out from people that will give you honest feedback if your presentation is easy to understand.
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      Take a look at the Project Rubrics and see where having a model can fit for evidence and clarity to the judges. Make sure the kids can speak to those Rubric alignments when presenting the model. Further, when meeting with expert(s), get their reactions/responses/validation of the model. Judges like to hear that experts were engaged and found benefit in the kids' solution.
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