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  • Question from rookie team

    Hi All,

    We are a new team at Boulder Creek HS in Anthem AZ, some of us -- children and parents -- coming off several years of FLL.
    As a new team we were wondering if we can prepare in advance of the kickoff date. Of course we are using online resources, we attended a few workshops kindly offered by veteran teams etc.
    Is there anything that can be done in advance along the line of building the robot or learning how to program etc? For comparison, in FLL we always had lego parts to build and program a base robot ahead of kickoff, which helped focus on solutioning the challenge during the season.

    thanks in advance for your thoughts and guidance,


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    Re: Question from rookie team

    Hi Adrian,

    Welcome to FRC! While I cannot comment on 2017 FRC rules, I will note that FRC has long had rules such as R13 and R14 from the 2016 FRC Game Manual which restrict what can be done before Kickoff:
    R13 Physical ROBOT elements created before Kickoff are not permitted. Exceptions are:
    B. BUMPERS (a protective assembly designed to attach to the exterior of the ROBOT and constructed as specified in Section 4.7 BUMPER Rules),
    C. battery assemblies per R5,
    D. FABRICATED ITEMS consisting of one COTS electrical device (e.g. a motor or motor controller), connectors, and any materials used to secure and insulate those connectors

    R14 Software and mechanical/electrical designs created before Kickoff are only permitted if the source files (complete information sufficient to produce the design) are available publicly prior to Kickoff.

    Reviewing online resources, fundraising, and planning out your season (work hours, meals, approximate timeline, etc.) are all great ways to get a jump on your rookie season! It would also be a good idea to keep the contact info for those kind veteran teams, as well as your local FIRST Senior Mentor handy for if you need some help or advice during the Build Season.
    FRC Robotics Engineer