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  • Pre-Season / Post-Season Event FMS

    In Los Angeles, we host an annual pre-ship scrimmage and fall off-season event. We have an FMS built to the FIRST spec using the FMS Lite software.

    This year's game (like Aim High in 2006) requires the use of real-time scorekeeping. FMS Lite has no provision for scorekeeping.

    For anyone else who's planning on hosting a similar event, I'd like this thread to contain discussion about systems to handle the real-time scorekeeping and potentially how to integrate it with FMS Lite.

    My initial thoughts are to re-use the FMS I built in 2006. The original design used a Vex for timing, robot enable and scorekeeping. Obviously, I can't use the robot enable part any more, but the rest should work.

    Does anyone else have a system they're planning on using? Would anyone like to share ideas on a common system design that others can use?

    FLL Mentor/Coach 2006-2015
    Founding Mentor for FRC 1759: 2006-2012
    Founding Mentor for FRC 4999: 2016
    FRC Field Supervisor, Los Angeles 2007-2016
    Manager, Software Development, EMC Corp.