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  • New Q&A System "Features"

    I don't seem to understand the features of the "New Official Q&A" system. I don't see any questions or answers, either in the web site or the the iPhone app. Moreover, I don't understand how the system is supposed to work. The manual explains how to get an answer to your question, and check the status of answers to your questions.

    To me, the best feature of the Q&A system is seeing the answers to the questions Other Teams asked. I benefit by seeing what they are thinking about, which doesn't always show up in the discussion forum. I also benefit from seeing people ask a question, where I think I know the answer, and then the GDC comes back with a completely different answer. Thus something that I thought I understood, and would never have asked a question, gets clarified.

    This forum as a "New Posts" button precisely so I can see what's been changed in the last day or so. The matching button in the new Q&A system has eluded me. It is possible to search for nothing, not "nothing" but an empty search, and see a list of all the questions. I suppose if they are in some chronological order I could write down the last one I've seen, but I don't even know that they are in chronological order.

    What am I missing??
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