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  • Bridge climbing

    We have a tracked vehicle design and are considering a mechanism to tilt the robot to get the bumper over the edge of the bridge (our robot is very short so there is no risk of tipping over).

    We were wondering if this would be considered a violation of the bumper height restrictions as the robot transitions between the two driving surfaces.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Bridge climbing

    so clarifying what you are saying: You want some system to jack the front of your robot up when getting onto the ramps. You are wondering if the fact that this jack would put your bumpers temporarily above the maximum bumper height. You are asking the unofficial forums for a clarification of the rules while all we can do is offer an opinion.
    Then onto what I think. I think that this jack would be legal as the bumper of the bot would be between parallel with the ground and parallel with the ramp. As I am seeing it...
    > ___|\ \_____ robotic arm is pushing robot higher
    .....> (|__ ||\o\___|) this is lifting the bumpers to reach the ramp
    ...........> O || O that way you can drive onto the ramp
    without getting stuck on ground level.

    My personal opinion is that it is surely allowed but once again it is only opinion and not solid irrefutable fact.


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      Re: Bridge climbing

      I would worry about the official definition of "in transition". Are you in transition, if you have not yet touched the ramp? I can see a team telling the judge "We decided to go for the bridge so we elevated the robot. We were therefore in transition. Why should it mater that the nearest bridge was 10 feet away?"