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robot frame dimentions

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  • Gary Voshol
    Re: robot frame dimentions

    They don't measure the frame at all, except that the robot must fit into the sizing box (28x38, 60" tall).

    However, your bumpers must be firmly attached to your frame, and they must be entirely between 2 and 10 inches from the floor. (Bumpers are 5 inches tall, so that gives you 3 inches of wiggle room.)

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  • personfromteam4049
    started a topic robot frame dimentions

    robot frame dimentions

    Our robot's dimentions from the floor are 9 1/2 in. to the bottom of the frame and 10 1/2 in. to the top of the frame.Is this too tall? Where do they take the measurements at the actual competition? Is it from the top or the bottom?