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    Regarding rule G20:

    Robots in contact with the carpet and/or Key on their Alliance Station end of the Court are limited to 60 in tall. Otherwise, Robots are limited to 84 in tall.
    Violation: Foul; or Technical-Foul for repeated or continuous violation.

    Does that mean if we are playing defense on our own end of the court, we can't extend to 84" tall? It's my understanding that the entire court is carpeted. Is there anywhere on our own side of the court where we can be 84" tall? This rule is confusing.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Defense Question

    That's right. When you're on the defensive end of the field, you can only be 60" tall. They mentioned carpet to clarify that you aren't limited to 60" while you are on the bridge, but will be as soon as you start driving off it.