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More rules needed for CLIMBing PYRAMID

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  • More rules needed for CLIMBing PYRAMID

    Rules need to be adjusted considering the following questions:
    Can a robot clamp onto a pyramid rung?

    How much of the robot is allowed to be in contact with the pyramid during the climb or hanging onto the rungs? (square inch/centimeter area)

    How many robots may be in contact with one pyramid during endgame/CLIMBing period? (How much weight will the pyramid support?)

    Can a robot shelve {1. drive or ram up onto the first level of rungs) (or 2. tilt,then drive onto the first level of rungs} itself on the pyramid?

    May a robot climb their opponent’s pyramid during the endgame as long as they do not interfere with the opponent team’s robot? (Are both pyramids usable by both teams?)