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G 3.1.4 Rule clarification

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  • G 3.1.4 Rule clarification

    We would like clarification on Rule G3.1.4 C. Can the robot place the ball in a goal, or can it only toss/kick it?

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    Re: G 3.1.4 Rule clarification

    This isn't the forum to request an official clarification. You need to visit for "official" answers to questions like this. I was just over in the official forum, and it doesn't seem that you have asked your question there. Please do that. It's OK to pose your question here, to get a quicker "unofficial" answer, just bear that "unofficial" label in mind at all times.

    Disclaimer aside, the list in 3.1.4 are criteria for deciding when a goal is scored. Thus, a ball in the goal but still attached to your robot via a suction cup does not count as a goal. You robot can't put the ball in and out over and over to gain lots of points. Only when your robot releases the ball would it be a goal, and then the CYCLE would start over again. This is just my opinion, subject to change if a better argument is posed or the official forum provides you an answer.