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  • Number of drivers

    Do we have to have 2 active drivers? We are able to drive and operate our robot with only one person, while the other would be a "spotter." Is this allowed?

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    Re: Number of drivers

    There would be no rule to prohibit it. The rules generally state what team members cannot do, but don't specify what they must do.

    Originally posted by Definitions
    TEAM: Four representatives from a registered FRC team that interact with their ROBOT and their ALLIANCE partners to play Breakaway. Positions on the TEAM include:
    COACH: A student or adult mentor designated as the team coach and advisor during the MATCH and identified as the person wearing the designated "COACH" pin or button. There is one COACH per TEAM.
    DRIVER: A pre-college student team member responsible for operating and controlling the ROBOT. There are two DRIVERS per TEAM.
    HUMAN PLAYER: A pre-college student team member responsible for properly returning BALLS to the FIELD. There is one HUMAN PLAYER per TEAM. The HUMAN PLAYER is the only TEAM MEMBER that may handle the TRIDENT.
    <G03> TELEOPERATED PERIOD – The TELEOPERATED PERIOD is the 2-minute period of game play immediately following the AUTONOMOUS PERIOD. At the beginning of the TELEOPERATED PERIOD the OPERATOR CONSOLE controls are activated and DRIVERS may remotely control their ROBOTS. The DRIVERS continue to teleoperate their ROBOTS for the remainder of the MATCH. The TELEOPERATED PERIOD ends when the arena timer displays zero seconds. This also indicates the end of the MATCH.
    (emphasis mine)

    <G51> DRIVERS Operating ROBOTS - During a MATCH, the OPERATOR CONSOLE shall be operated solely by the DRIVERS. Violation: Disablement and RED CARD.
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