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Question Regarding Fouls and Tech Fouls.

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  • Question Regarding Fouls and Tech Fouls.

    A question has come up within my group regarding strategy. This being: "If you commit enough fouls, would additional fouls turn into tech fouls? If so, how many fouls are needed for this to happen?" If I can get some clarification on this rule, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    What rule makes you expect that "enough fouls" would turn into tech fouls?

    Some rules specify another penalty if "repeated", but generally it's describing how infractions can escalate to a card.
    And then there's T1, which empowers the Head Referee to assign cards if needed for any sort of egregious or repeated infraction.

    I'm a bit wary of why you would be worried you might "commit enough fouls" in a discussion about "strategy". Can you be more specific about what rules or scenarios you're looking at?


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