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Less? Crazy idea - grab the tree to load in Base?

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  • Less? Crazy idea - grab the tree to load in Base?

    Compared to invading the other table, less crazy anyways...

    My team wants to GRAB the TREE (Mission 5, Treehouse), and PULL IT back to Base, and load it up by hand.

    The Rules *do* state that whatever isn't explicitly forbidden is allowed (we saw a team in Animal Allies take the shark out, turn the tank upside down and put the shark on the bottom... couldn't touch the walls then to lose points...that's the inspiration)...
    ...and the Mission DOES state that the modules need to be completely supported by the branches - but not where the tree has to be at that time.

    Rule 25 says "Do not take apart the Mission Models unless the Mission asks you to" - however the team pointed out that they would not be taking the modal apart - merely re-locating it in its entirety...

    Do I let them run down this path?
    I love their creativity...

    Kerridwen McNamara
    Head Coach Team #25653, Schroedinger's KoolKats (2x -> State, in our 3rd season)
    Head Coach JrFLL Team #8340, Schroedinger's Kittycats (in our 7th season)

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    The tree is stuck to the mat with dual lock. To free the tree from that your robot would need to use considerable force, potentially damaging the tree. I believe the missions that are stuck down with dual lock are meant to remain stuck down for the entirety of the match. Have them read the rules.

    The shark tank wasn't stuck down. If I remember correctly it was in base at the beginning of the match. Apples and oranges.


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      True that the Shark tank wasn't stuck down - it was "think outside the box" solution that is the inspiration.

      It turns out it does NOT take that much force to remove the tree, and it does NOT disrupt the rest of the mat. And the tree EASILY comes off as one unit.

      The rules do not specify that you cannot remove Mission models from the mat - only that you cannot BREAK them... Hence my request for clarification. My reading of the Animal Allies rules would never have allowed the tank to be flipped upside-down!!!