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Pneumatic Cylinder Questions

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  • Pneumatic Cylinder Questions

    I have a few questions about the pneumatics and air cylinders hope you can answer.
    The following questions apply to competition use and we have been unable to find the answers in the rules.

    1. Are SMC Cylinders able to be used in replacement to Bimba cylinders?
    2. Are rod lock cylinders allowed?
    3. Are cylindicators or reed switch indicators allowed?
    4. What other regulations limit use to pneumatic systems
    5. Are accumulators required in pneumatics systems?

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    Re: Pneumatic Cylinder Questions

    Please refer to rules <R65> to <R74>, in the Pneumatic System section.

    1. <R66> says "All included items must be “off the shelf” COTS pneumatic devices rated by their manufacturers for working pressure of at least 125psi and burst pressure of 250psi, and used in their original, unaltered condition", so you need to have documentation to show that your cylinders meet this regulation.
    2. Same as above, you have to get ones that match these pneumatic specs.
    3. Same as above, plus you need to wire them in in accordance with <R62> "All outputs from sensors, custom circuits and additional electronics shall connect to only the following: ...".
    4. The purpose of the referenced section of the rules is to regulate the use of pneumatics, plus of course <R01> and <R02>.
    5. Accumulators are a design choice, considering the performance of the compressor and the air utilization of your design. the only required components are defined in the pressure regulating parts of <R70>.