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  • Pneumatics & cylinders

    How many cylinders can we run on our 'bot and can we use cylinders from previous years? We have several from a team that last competed in the 2011 competition.
    Our team has a very limited budget. The 2015 Pneumatics seems to only allow for one of s three sizes, but it is unclear.

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    Re: Pneumatics & cylinders

    The rules governing the use of pneumatic components are on pages 46-49 of the manual.


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      Re: Pneumatics & cylinders

      If you can post a more specific question, you can get a better answer.

      Per R64, you can only use COTS pneumatic devices. If you have items from the 2011 season and they are unmodified, this would seem to be consistent with this rule.

      Per R66H, you are allowed to use pneumatic cylinders, plural, implying more than one.

      If you have a limited budget, you should check out the Bimba donation program. They will provide 2 cylinders, for free (fits your budget), to FIRST teams. There are details on their website at .