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3D CAD Library with Constraints?

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  • 3D CAD Library with Constraints?


    As a rookie team we started downloading the 3D library provided by Autodesk and noticed that most (if not all) of the objects are NOT constrained in Inventor.

    This means that to effectively use this library for a virtual assembly/simulation is going to take LOTS of time just to prepare the imported objects.

    Does anyone have some or all of the 3D library objects already in a "constrained" format in Inventor?

    We are just hoping (and begging) that some veteran team might be willing to share in the spirit of Coopertition... maybe? Boy we are hoping since we want to check our build ideas in Inventor first, and need all the time savings we can get!

    Thanks in advance!

    Chris Aiken
    Team 3402 - Mentor