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Running mecanum wheels on non-carpet floor

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  • Running mecanum wheels on non-carpet floor

    I've noticed that our wheels from the kit of parts have become somewhat scuffed from being run on a dirty linoleum floor. Our team has ordered some 6" mecanum from AndyMark. My concern is having the mecanum wheels get scuffed up and affecting driving.

    One thought is that without any friction, the bot wouldn't go anywhere. But conversely, since the rollers on the wheels are always sliding, having uneven friction would effect direction.

    There are videos of other bots driving with mecanum wheels on non-carpet floors (although probably cleaner than what we have). If the direction of movement is slightly off (like drift to the side or small rotation while going straight) would the driver be able to compensate for that?

    Any advice on if this is an issue? If it is an issue, how big (I know last year it was extremely critical not to scuff up the wheels).