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drive chain tension

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  • drive chain tension

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question about chain tension. we are using the KOP chassis in a 4 wheel drive config, sprockets on each wheel and a double sprocket hooked to
    the KOP transmissions. so, we are having some trouble getting the chains
    to where they seem to fit right. they are a bit loose and my question is:
    how loose is too loose? would it be ok if the chain is loose but not so loose
    that it touches the other side? We have ordered a chain tensioner from Andymark and i guess if thats ok, we will get 3 more and use that, but
    i would have thought we could get to about 1 inch deflection without much problem, and its a lot harder that i would have thought.

    any advice is greatly appreciated by our rookie team.

    Brian Dealy
    Team 3341 Mentor