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  • Optical Shaft encoder

    While working with the optical shaft encoder, we encountered an issue where the programming was set to rotate the motor 360 degrees, however the motor only rotates approximately 30 degrees. when we change the program to rotate about 1300 degrees, the motor turns almost one complete rotation. Is this a known issue, or has anyone else had the same problem with the encoder? if anyone can assist with this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

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      Re: Optical Shaft encoder

      I think I may know your problem here.
      It's a 360-line encoder. However, the FPGA is probably counting the rising and falling edges of both channels, resulting in 360x4 counts per revolution. (I say probably because this is configurable when you "open" the encoder)
      I'm going with the assumption that you're using C++ or Java, and that the number of counts is returned as an integer, not a floating point, thus it can't be given in quarter turns.

      However, the numbers you provide don't completely match this.
      Please try a series of tests to see if it is a linear relationship between the distance you tell it to go, and the distance it goes. (perhaps something that tells it to go forward 1000 degrees four times, and then reverse 4000 degrees once)