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  • Inspection BOM Template

    I am having problems with the BOM template. I understand the intent but I am having problems using your template for various reasons. Some of the reasons are more minor and can be fixed on my own like

    1. Any value over $100 shows up as #### on the template
    2. Team number always appears with a $ and .00 (we are team $1,071.00)

    Other issues go along with your format.

    1. We had no intention of weighing each sub component and wonder if it is neccessary. It seems on your spreadsheet that every component or at least every subsystems has to have a weight.
    2. Some Materials are used for various subsystems (Like chain or aluminum plate or channel) do these materials have to be listed in each sub system or how should they be listed?
    3. It seems the size of the catagories are off and it is difficult to list descriptions in the space. How much of a change is allowable to the spread sheet format in general?